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Synergy Kyphosis/Thoracic Exercise Kit

Product Code: Kyphosis Kit


Targeting Headaches & Forward Head Postural Pain Areas


Synergy Kyphosis/Thoracic Area Exercise Protocol

Relaxes the upper trap, levator scapular, shoulder's internal rotators and other tight muscles associated with headaches, poor posture, and rounded shoulders. Our strengthening program progressively strengthens and synergistically improves imbalances by strengthening weak cervical paraspinals, mid and lower trapezious, and Serratus Anterior


Synergy's Kyphosis / Thoracic area Exercise Kit provides an effective three series progressive exercise program to help improve posture and function to the upper body. Synergy addresses muscle imbalances and postural problems to help better range of motion and function to the arms and neck. 

The most complete yet easy to follow exercise program for kyphosis/thoracic area.

Synergy Kyphosis/Thoracic Exercise Kit includes:

Synergy Kyphosis/Thoracic area Exercise DVD Three progressive 15 minute routines (totaling 45 minutes loaded with educational and motivational support) Stretches to help pain-free range of motion and progressive strengthening exercises specifically for Kyphosis/Thoracic area, design to help improve shoulder pain, posture and range of motion, function and proper biomechanics.

Synergy Kyphosis /Thoracic Exercise Wall Chart  ...  Oversized 18" x 24" colorful wall chart offers all three progressive exercise phases for the Kyphosis/Thoracic area including targeted stretches, and bilateral scapular and shoulder progressive strengthening exercises.

Synergy Kyphosis/Thoracic Area Exercise Tracking Chart ... Includes a Practitioner’s Protocol Check-Off List and a Progress Tracking Chart for Kyphosis/Thoracic area exercise

Synergy Dual Stabilizer Device ... Bilateral exerciser, ideal for scapular region..  Provides excellent isolation for the Thoracic Retractors and easily achieves scapular depression for the hard to reach Lower Trapezius. With its easy to mount bilateral soft loops, now easily achieve maximum scapular benefits! 

Available in Light, *Medium, Heavy, XHeavy or XXHeavy resistances (*most common).   Click Here to Purchase Device Only 


Sugg. Retail:  $99.95 / Online Price:  $79.95

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