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Synergy Cervical (Neck) Exercise Kit

Product Code: PAT-C #8708

Target Exercises for Headaches due to Chronic Neck Pain, Poor Posture, Injuries

If you suffer from chronic tension headaches due to prolonged stress/injuries from daily work in front of the computer screen, lengthy hours working with the head protracted, leading to poor posture and chronic neck & head pain, Synergy Cervical Kit targets on exercises to alleviate the pain, strengthening the neck musculature that often elongate and weaken, bringing more blood flow to the cervical & occipital region, stretching the tightened musculature, relieving tension, leading to a pain-free, more rejuvenating living.

Synergy Cervical Exercise Protocols

Stretches tight muscles associated with poor posture, chronic neck pain, and headaches, including the Upper Trapezius, Levator Scapular, and Scalenes. Isometric strengthening creates a basis to work from. Progress to isotonic exercise, strengthening the muscles which often elongate and weaken, including the Para Spinals and Deep Cervical Flexors.

Click here for a demo of Synergy Cervical (Neck) Exercise


Each Cervical Exercise Kit includes:

Synergy Cervical Exercise DVD

... A 30 minute DVD in actual time  targeting the cervical region, covering stretching, isometrics, and functional exercises with the Synergy Cervical Device.

Synergy Cervical Exercise Wall Chart  ...  Oversized 18" x 24" offers stretches, isometrics and functional exercises performed with Synergy Cervical Device.

Synergy Cervical Exercise Tracking Chart

... Includes a Practitioner’s Protocol Check-Off List and a Progress Tracking Chart for Cervical exercise

Synergy Cervical Exercise Device

allows for full range of motion without slipping, isolating hard to reach areas.  

Available in XLight, *Light, Medium or Heavy resistances (*most common).

****ADD**** Synergy Cervical Ball 22cm

allows for added exercise benefit to Synergy Cervical Program - Series II.  Use Ball instead of rolled-up towel... inflate or deflate ball for easy adjustment in resistance for isometric work. 

Only $4 when added to kit (SAVE 50%)

FALL Special - only $59.95 per kit (save $20)

*Just purchase your choice of five Cervical Kits and we'll automatically ship you the 6th kit FREE!


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