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Your Eyes and Posture

Our eyes maybe causing our postural problems: long days at the computer can add enormous stress to the neck musculature. Why is poor posture so prevalent amongst computer users? Regular reader glasses only allow for close-up viewing; while most computers sit at the mid-range zone, approximately 20-30 inches from the eyes. Most computer users who wear regular readers find the computer blurry and compensate by leaning forward (to get closer to the computer screen),forcing their head and neck into capital extension. This causes unnecessary stress (hypertonic), specifically to the sub-occipital (rectus capitus) leading to relentless pain and sensitivity. This prolong musculoskeletal misalignment, or poor posture, often causes head, neck, upper back and shoulder pain, leading to joints deterioration, degenerative joint disease, and neck arthritis as indicated in Spine Journal 1986; 6:591-694.

Posture Perfect Eyewear offers the new generation in reading glasses, featuring a Two Power In One System for near and intermediate vision, meeting the challenge of the modern office, from reading the PDA to viewing the computer.

Stop squinting and leaning forward while working at your desk.  With Posture Perfect Readers you can maintain proper posture when working on your computer, alleviating the onset of postural pain and strain of the head, neck, upper back and/or shoulder.

Available Reading Powers:  +.25*, +.50*,  +1.00,  +1.50,  +2.00,  +2.50,  +3.00,  +3.50.   *Note:  +.25 & +.50 power is for computer reading only, not a bifocal.

In addition to our Two Power In One System, our products also feature the latest in lens filters:  EMI / AR / HMC for maximum protection. 
See how the latest EMI / AR coated lenses help!

We offer the best in quality and value for bifocal readers, for computer and text reading; PLUS, the best in designer quality eyewear!

Synergy's goal is to bring the quality health products at the best value to help you achieve optimal health and wellness, while saving you money.

Technology driven devices, from smart phones to the computer, are important to our productivity, our work and social connectivity.
Long hours viewing the computer screens, however, often bring eye fatigue and strain.  Your best defense is having properly coated
lenses for protection from the glare and damaging environmental agents.  That's why every pair of Posture Perfect glasses include
FREE EMI / AR coatings ($80 add-on charge at optical stores).  How can we offer this?  We save by buying in bulk and making it
standard to coat every lenses.  AND we pass the savings to you.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring this exciting health product to you, to make your work life more functional and
help you gain better health and wellness.

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