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Synergy Targeted Whiplash Area Exercise Kit

Product Code: PAT-WL #87010

Targeted Exercises for Cervical, Thoracic & Shoulder regions (Whiplash areas) to combat headache, pain to the Cervical (Neck), Shoulder & Thoracic Regions, restores balance to tight muscles from postural problems:  forward head posture resulting in neck pain, tension headaches, rounded shoulders, upper back pain often from prolonged computer work, repetitive activities!  Improves posture, reduces pain, adds wellness!



Synergy Whiplash Exercise Kit
... Whiplash symptoms include anterior cervical and head translation, rounded shoulder posture, scapular abduction and muscle imbalances, causing cervical, upper back, and shoulder pain.  Often headaches develop. Synergy’s exercise targets cervical, thoracic & shoulder areas for development of a strong, tall back, improving pain-free range of motion to the shoulders, increasing cervical mobility, and reducing headaches. Synergy exercise program improves Whiplash areas and helps lift up the chest, improve breathing, posture and enhanced general health & wellness.

Sugg. Retail:  $129.95 / Online Price:  $99.95

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Each Kit includes:

Synergy Whiplash area Exercise DVD
... Three progressive 15 minute routines (totaling 45 minutes, loaded with educational & motivational support). Stretches to gain pain-free range of motion and progressive strengthening exercises for cervical, thoracic, and shoulder pain, improving full range of motion, function and proper biomechanics to the cervical & thoracic regions.

Synergy Whiplash area Exercise Wall Chart
... Oversized colorful wall chart offers a three progressive exercise phases, including: targeted stretches, and bilateral scapular & shoulder strengthening exercises.

Synergy Whiplash Tracking Chart
... Includes a Practitioner’s Protocol Check-Off List and a Patient Progress Tracking Chart for Whiplash area.

Synergy Cervical Device and

Dual Stabilizer Exerciser
... Dual Stabilizer provides ultra dense cushion for comfort and function and Synergy Cervical Device allows for full range of motion without slipping, isolating hard to reach areas. Both work to synergistically improve biomechanics and improving strength, combating muscle imbalances.

Available in *Light, Medium, Heavy or XHeavy resistances (*most common).


Synergy Cervical Ball 22cm

allows for added exercise benefit to Synergy Cervical Program - Series II.  Use Ball instead of rolled-up towel... inflate or deflate ball for easy adjustment in resistance for isometric work. 

Only $4 when added to kit (SAVE 50%)



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