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Neck Pain Insight and Solution

“Tech-Neck”, Insight and Solution for neck pain and tension headaches


After long bouts on the computer and/or smart devices, ever notice the area at the base of skull start to tighten, become more sensitive, and throbbing pain sets in?  Have you noticed, unfortunately, the pain worsens with each passing day? 


The human body generally does not like being static too long, especially in an improper biomechanical position.  Specific muscles that cause neck pain include the short posterior postural muscles behind the base of your skull (rectus capitis group), the Levator Scapulae muscle's origin on the inner tip of the scapula, and the deep cervical flexors.  Neck pain is common amongst “tech” users.   

Leading to the dilemma, can you afford to give up your high tech gadgets to eradicate the root cause of your neck pain?

The bio-mechanics leading to today’s “technology driven neck pain": 

Intricate cervical regional muscles, under reduced activity, shift their normal contractions and responsibilities to more superficial and often larger muscle(s).  This atrophies these small, but essential muscles.    Often, as we work on the computer (more so than the cell phone) we often slowly lower our eye level to the computer.  The head slowly lowers.  Simultaneously, the head slowly tilts and extends back into capital extension.   This position when held for long periods of time is not healthy for the neck musculature.   As the head tilts backward in capital extension, the capital flexors are stretched and lengthen over time, which leads to a gradual inhibited muscle.   With capital flexion muscles becoming dysfunctional, the cervical flexors including the superficial large SCM try to cover.  The mimic motion is more of a downward glide of the head, rather than a tipping of the head. 


As the head slides forward and tilts backward, the rectus capitis extensor muscles   are put on constant contraction.  If held for long bouts, become hypertonic, shorter, and can cause much pain along with radiating pain.  Pain radiates in the direction of the blood flow from the heart.   If the pain is originated in the back of the skull, then the pain can radiate upward leading to tension headaches.           

The options are:

  1. Do nothing and attempt to tolerate the progressive pain.  Aspirin may help mask pain for a while.
  2. Stop using the computer and cell phone, which is not a viable option in our tech driven world.
  3. Learn proper ergonomics when on smart devices.   This will help reduce the progressive pain,  but once the imbalances are present, it becomes increasingly difficult for the body to recover without intervention.
  4. Apply proper ergonomics and do exercises to help restore oneself to pre-injury status.  Proper neck exercises will also help maintain and keep proper balanced neck musculature, preventing pain and dysfunction to start.

So, a more pragmatic question, "Is there anything you can do to stop/prevent neck pain while continuing the countless hours on your high tech devices?”     

Synergy Cervical exercise kit offers exercises and solutions to your “tech-neck” pain.  The exercise program activates dormant muscles and helps restore pain-free range of motion to tightened sensitive muscles (which radiate and lead to tension headaches).

Synergy Cervical Exercise Protocol with its patented Cervical Device were created to help restore cervical posture, reduce neck pain and headaches.  Synergy protocol targets specific muscles that become dysfunctional and painful from too much time “holding” poor posture usually from long bouts on the computer and/or smart gadgets.  Synergy neck exercise program entails wakening of hypotonic muscles that are less active (sometimes inactive), and stretches tightened hypertonic muscles helping to restore proper balance, posture and regain pain free movements.


Synergy patented headgear is designed so it does not slip during neck exercises, easy to use, allowing the necessary movements required to properly combat the common cervical pain associated with tech-neck.   

When muscles become imbalanced and dysfunctional, then pain, radiating pain, and sensitivity follow. Synergy Cervical Exercise Program helps improve movement restoring posture, and combating that pain in the neck! 



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